1Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant

Overview of Service Cloud Configuration Assistant

The Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant lets you manage your Oracle Service Cloud sites using Oracle Cloud.

The Configuration Assistant lets you set up and manage the following.

  • Interfaces: Available for Service Cloud

  • Mailboxes: Available for Service Cloud

  • Test sites: Available for Service and Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)

  • Integrations: Ability to enable certain Service Cloud functional areas

  • Smart Interaction Hub (SIH)

  • Oracle Social Network (OSN)

Note: You can also manage certain aspects of your OPA site interfaces. While you cannot add interfaces to OPA sites, you can make changes to the URL and time zone values of an OPA interface.

The link to the Configuration Assistant is located on the Oracle Cloud My Services dashboard. You will receive the log in credentials for My Services dashboard in a welcome email from Oracle Cloud. The Configuration Assistant home page is displayed based on the products or services you have purchased, that is, Oracle Service Cloud.

Service Cloud Configuration Assistant Home Page

The Service Cloud Configuration Assistant home page displays information related to Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) and Test Sites, etc.

You can find the following information in the home page:

  • Number of Services

  • Interfaces
  • Mailboxes

    Information about Test sites:

    • Upgrade type
    • Site type

    • Production version

    • Number of interfaces

    • Date of creation

    • Site Subscription ID

    • Number of mailboxes

    • Number of test sites

Create an Oracle Service Cloud Site

You can create a production site for Oracle Service Cloud from the Configuration Assistant home page.

Follow the steps below to create a site:
  1. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click Create site.

  2. In the Create Site window, select the required version option from the Product list.

  3. In the Site Name box, enter a name for the your site.

    The URL is automatically generated based on the site name and the default domain. Though you can edit the site name in the URL, you cannot modify the default domain.
  4. From the Language list, select your preferred language.

    Note: You cannot change this option later. So, please choose the language pack carefully.
  5. From the Time Zone list, select your preferred time zone for Oracle Service Site and then click Create.

    Note: Refresh the Configuration Assistant home page after 60 minutes to verify that the site is created.