Overview of Integrating Oracle Social Cloud with Oracle Engagement Cloud

This guide outlines the implementation and configuration steps that are required to integrate Oracle Social Cloud with Oracle Engagement Cloud. The integration is designed to support customers who wish to take advantage of the latest capabilities of Oracle Engagement Cloud, and leverage their existing investment in Oracle Social Cloud.

The integration provides the following features:
  • Seamless integration between Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle Engagement Cloud

  • Enables you to respond to Oracle Social Cloud posts from Oracle Engagement Cloud

  • Enables you to configure private and public channels (Facebook, Twitter, and so on)

  • Support for social message conversations

  • Contact matching between applications

  • 360 degree view of the customer

About Oracle Social Cloud API App

The Oracle Social Cloud API app is required for interaction between Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle Engagement Cloud. The app allows the Oracle Engagement Cloud user to create service requests from posts on social networks, and manage service requests from various social channels.

About Oracle Engagement Cloud Adapter

For more information on the Oracle Engagement Cloud adapter and Oracle Engagement Cloud, see the Integrating Engagement Cloud with Social Cloud topic in the Setting Up Communication Channels chapter in the Oracle Engagement Cloud Implementing Service on Oracle Help Center.

Prerequisite Setup Tasks in Oracle Engagement Cloud

Prior to creating and configuring your Oracle Social Cloud app, you must perform a number of tasks in Oracle Engagement Cloud to enable the integration. The tasks are contained in the “Setting Up Communication Channels” chapter of the Oracle Engagement Cloud Implementing Service guide. These tasks include:

  • Creating an Integration User for the Social Channel

    It is recommended that you create a unique user for the integration. This user can call the Oracle Sales Cloud service catalog or event catalog web services from Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

  • Importing the Integration Package

    Before you set up Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you first go to the Oracle Marketplace and download the Oracle Engagement Cloud to Oracle Social Cloud integration package.

  • Activating the Connections between Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud

    You configure and activate the connections to your Oracle Engagement Cloud instance, and to your Oracle Social Cloud instance.

  • Activating the Integrations

    You activate a total of four integrations: Social Cloud Conversation To Engagement Cloud, Engagement Cloud Service Request To Social Cloud, Engagement Cloud Reply To Social Cloud, and Engagement Cloud Update SR To Social Cloud.

Related Topics

Request Integration Cloud Service Enablement

To use the Oracle Integration Cloud Service-based integration of Oracle Engagement Cloud you must first log a service request with Oracle. To create a service request, do the following:

  1. File a service request using the following URL: https://support.oracle.com/

  2. You will receive instructions once the integration is enabled.

    Setup Oracle Social Cloud for the Integration

    Before adding the Oracle Social Cloud Integration Cloud Service app, you must first ensure you're the root bundle administrator for the account.

      Create the App

      You must create an Oracle Social Cloud app to obtain the Client ID and Client Secret, which are necessary for Oracle Engagement Cloud to authenticate with Oracle Social Cloud. To create a new app, do the following:

      Note: To add an API app, you must be the root bundle administrator of the account.
      1. Log in to Oracle Social Cloud.

      2. From the Home drop-down list, select Workflow and Automation, and then on the home page, click the Account link.

      3. On the My Account page Navigation pane, click API Apps.

      4. On the API Apps page, click Create a New App.

      5. On the Create a New App page, provide the following information:

        • App Name. Provide a name for the app

        • Callback URL: To create the callback URL refer to the plugins page and extract the <protocol://host:port> value from the Oracle Integration Cloud Service Metadata URL value. Append that value to the following path: /icsapis/agent/oauth/callback. This creates a callback URL similar to the following example: https://FQDM/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback

      6. Accept the terms and conditions, then click Create.

      7. Click the link for the app’s name.

        The app is listed on the API Apps homepage. On the API Apps homepage the page for the app is displayed which includes the Client ID and the Client Secret.

        Complete the Integration

        Return to Oracle Integration Cloud Service and use the client secret and client key to set up the connection of the REST Adapter that points to Oracle Social Cloud from within Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

          Overview of Supported Oracle Social Cloud Channels

          The following channels are supported for the integration between Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle Engagement Cloud.

          • Facebook

          • Twitter

          • WeChat

          • Instagram

          • Sina Wiebo

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Q: When selecting the Retrieve button no results are displayed, or a time out occurs.

            A:Typically this occurs because the user name and password combination or the Oracle Integration Cloud Service Metadata URL are invalid. If after verifying the credentials and URL, the issue persists, log service request.

            Q: When selecting the Save button the information isn't saved.

            A: If this occurs, log a service request.