Create a Self-Service Receipt

This example demonstrates how to create a self-service receipt. You can create self-service receipts for items that you purchase for yourself that get delivered to your desk such as paper, pens, and other office supplies.

The following table summarizes key decisions for this scenario.

Decisions to Consider

In this Example

What's the purchase order number?


What's the number of items received?


Should I populate the receipt by default?


What's the waybill number?


What's the packing slip number?


For this scenario, you will:

  1. Create a self-service receipt.

  2. Verify that the newly created receipt exists.

You have already created the purchase order 1004213 to buy a case for your laptop.

Create a Self-Service Receipt

  1. Click Navigator > Procurement > My Receipts.

    This takes you to the Receive Items page where you can search for the purchase order that you used to buy the laptop case and start the self-service receipt process.
  2. On the Receive Items page, in the Purchase Order field, enter 1004213.

  3. Click Search.

  4. In the Search Results section, select the line containing your purchase order 1004213.

  5. Click Receive.

    This takes you to the Create Receipts page where you can enter the number of items received, waybill, and packing slip number to finalize the receipt.
  6. On the Create Receipts page, complete the fields, as shown in this table.







    Packing Slip


    Note: You can use the Show Receipt Quantity button to optionally populate the Quantity field. But, let's enter the quantity manually.
  7. Click Submit.

    Once you click the Submit button, you've created your receipt and you'll receive a confirmation message. The receipt number displays on the confirmation message.
  8. Click OK to close the confirmation window.

Verify the New Receipt

Now you can verify that your receipt was created by searching for it on the Manage Receipts page.
  1. In the task pane, click Manage Receipts.

    On the Manage Receipts page, you can enter search criteria to filter your search, or just click the Search button. Let's enter the receipt number.
  2. In the Receipt field, enter 9288.

  3. Click Search.

  4. In the Search Results table, click receipt 9288 to view the receipt that you just created.

    This takes you to the Receipt page where you can check the details of your receipt.