Create a Work Definition for Discrete Manufacturing that Includes a Supplier Operation

As a Manufacturing Engineer, you can create a work definition for discrete manufacturing that includes a supplier operation.

For more information about the supplier operation, see the Supplier Operation Details section in the How You Create Work Definitions topic.

Here's how you can create a work definition with three work definition operations, starting with an in-house operation, followed by a supplier operation, and then another in-house operation.

  1. Navigate to the Work Definition work area.

  2. On the Overview page, click the Tasks panel.

  3. Click the Manage Work Definitions link.

  4. On the Manage Work Definitions page, click the Add icon.

    Now, let's add a new work definition.

  5. On the Create Work Definition dialog, the work definition option defaults to the New Work Definition option.

  6. Search and select the item as AS4751100.

  7. Though optional, select the structure name as Production from the drop-down list.

  8. Select the work definition name as Main from the drop-down list and click Next.

    You have now created a work definition. Now, let's create three operations.

  9. On the Create Work Definition Operations dialog, click on the Add icon.

  10. For the first operation 10, from the standard operation code drop-down list, click Search.

  11. In the Search and Select: Code pop up, provide the code name as Tablet Assembly and click OK.

  12. On the Create Work Definition Operations dialog, click Add to add another row.

  13. For the second operation 20, select the Supplier Testing standard operation code for a supplier operation.

    Since, you selected a supplier operation, this row expands and populates more information.

    You can collapse the operation 20 row.

  14. Click Add to add last row.

  15. Select the Tablet Packing standard operation code for an in-house operation.

  16. Click Save and Edit.

    Now that you saved the work definition operations, proceed to edit the work definition.

    Now, let's assign items to the work definition operations.

  17. On the Edit Work Definition page, in the Item Structure vertical tab, click the Collect icon and multiselect the following components:

    • CM4751101

    • CM4751103

    • SB4751105

    • SB4751108

  18. In the Item Structure vertical tab, click the Collected Items icon and drag and drop them on the first operation, 10 Tablet Assembly.

  19. Similarly, select the CM6530007 component from the Item Structure vertical tab, right-click, then click Actions, and then click Assign.

  20. On the Assign Operation Item dialog, select the operation as 30 Tablet Packing.

    Now, edit the operation item attributes, such as the supply type.

  21. Select the Push supply type and click OK.

    Resources associated with standard in-house operations are automatically assigned. Note that the product is completed in the last operation in a discrete manufacturing work definition. But, it is not explicitly shown as assigned to the last operation.

  22. Click the Expand All icon to show the entire work definition.

  23. Now that you have assigned the required items and resources to the standard operations, click Save and Close.

    Now, let's review the work definition that you created.

  24. In the Search region, provide the AS4751100 item and select the Main work definition name, and click Search.

    The Main work definition that you created with three work order operations now appears in the search results.

  25. Click the work definition name link Main to view the work definition details.

    On the Edit Work Definition page, you can review the discrete manufacturing work definition with in-house and supplier operations.

Now, you have created a work definition for discrete manufacturing that includes a supplier operation.