3Collaboration Messsaging Web Service

This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Collaboration Messaging Web Services

Collaboration Messaging Framework can receive B2B messages from trading partners or service providers through Oracle B2B, or directly using SOAP web services that are available to consumers.

If B2B is used, the B2B HTTP Receiver for trading partners or service providers to post messages is exposed at the endpoint https://host/b2b/httpReceiver.

Two web services are available for messaging:

  1. CollaborationMessagingService

    This service is available to consumers at the endpoint https://host/soa-infra/services/default/CmkCollaborationMessagingOAGIS10InboundComposite/CollaborationMessageService.

    This service requires that the payload be a CollaborationMessage (of type CollaborationMessageType), and is limited to the specific set of document sub-types supported for predefined collaboration messages. The CollaborationMessageType uses type substitution to allow different OAGIS Business Object Documents to be exchanged using a single Collaboration Message root element.

  2. CollaborationMessageV2Service

    This service is available to consumers at the endpoint https://host/soa-infra/services/default/CmkCollaborationMessagingInboundServiceComposite/CollaborationMessageServiceV2.

    This service requires the payload to be a B2BMessage (of type B2BMessageType). The B2BMessageType contains within it an anyType element, which allows the CollaborationMessageV2Service to accept any XML document.

In both the cases, host should be replaced with the host details of the pod where the service is intended to be exposed for consumption (for example, abcd.dev.fa.us.oraclecloud.com).

The services are secured using basic authentication. The user name and password that are provided are validated; the user must be a valid Oracle Fusion applications user. Additionally, the user must be set up with the privilege required to call the collaboration message service.

If predefined job roles are used, then the user specified in the web service invocation must inherit the ORA_CMK_TRADING_PARTNER_B2B_ADMINISTRATOR_DUTY duty role.

If user-defined job roles are used, then the role must inherit the CMK_INVOKE_INBOUND_COLLAB_DOC_SERVICE_PRIV privilege.