This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Oracle SCM Cloud Common Configuration

This guide contains information to help you perform implementation tasks that are common to multiple Oracle SCM Cloud offerings. The information appears in the order in which the associated tasks appear in most of the offerings. To start an implementation of SCM, a user with the Application Implementation Consultant role (ORA_ASM_APPLICATION_IMPLEMENTATION_CONSULTANT_JOB) must opt into the offerings applicable to your business requirements. Refer to the Oracle Applications Cloud Using Functional Setup Manager guide to manage the opt-in and setup of your offerings.

Determining Which Tasks to Perform

Your offering contains task lists and tasks in the order in which you must perform them. Download the task list for your offering, and then consult this guide to do those tasks.

Other SCM Guides to Use

You will also need the implementation guide specific to your offering to complete the implementation tasks. Some topics in this guide and your offering-specific guide may refer you to other guides.

You will need to refer to one or more of these guides as you go along::

  • Getting Started with Your Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management Implementation

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Implementing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Implementing Order Management

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Implementing Product Management

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Implementing Supply Chain Planning

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Implementing Innovation Management

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Modeling Configurations for SCM

  • Configuring and Managing B2B Messaging for Oracle Applications Cloud

Other Guides to Use

For more information about the common set for reference data, see the Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Implementing Global Human Resources guide.