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ad hoc item
A material that is used in the production process of an end item, but is not considered as an item component, such as lubricating oil. It is not included in the item structure.


blanket purchase agreement
A long term agreement for the purchase of goods and services from a supplier. It includes terms and conditions, details of the goods or services to be purchased from the supplier, and negotiated amounts. The blanket agreement does not contain delivery dates, individual delivery quantities, or amounts. Complete details necessary to supplier fulfillment are specified subsequently in purchase orders issued against the agreement.


dispatch list
A list displaying the work order operations sorted sequentially for a selected work area and one or more work centers.


fulfillment line
A request to fulfill an item. A fulfillment line contains details about the request, such as customer, sales order number, item, quantity, scheduled ship date, actual ship date, shipping method, and so on. To improve fulfillment, you can schedule a fulfillment line, reserve product for it, substitute an item for it, change the warehouse, change the shipping method, change the demand class, and so on.


A product that is physically built but not stocked, before being used in the next stage of manufacturing.


sales order
A contractual document between a sales organization and your customer. You create a sales order in the Order Management work area. Order management also transforms a source order it receives from a source system into a sales order that it can submit to order fulfillment.