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Learning Approvals

Use approvals to require signoff by other people, such as a manager or HR representative, before learners begin using certain learning items. For example, you may want learners to obtain manager approval before taking certain courses.

Oracle Learning Cloud has three Human Capital Management approval transactions:

  • Learning Item Contribution Approval - use this transaction to require approvals when a learner contributes self-service learning items to the catalog, such as videos or tutorials. This enables you to approve items before they become available to other learners in the catalog.

  • Learning Request Approval - use this transaction in conjunction with the Access Control feature to require approvals before learners can begin using requested learning items.

  • Learning Assignment Withdraw Approval - use this transaction to require approvals before learners can withdraw from a course, offering, and specialization assignment.

When you create approval policies for these transactions, you first define the workflow conditions, which are the rules that must be met before an approval routing path is selected. You then define the approval routing path, which is the list of people who approve or deny the request. You can define one person or several people. For example, a manager approves a request, then it moves two levels up in the management hierarchy, and then to an HR manager, or a specific user higher up in your business hierarchy.

You can also create more than one rule for a transaction. The approval routing path taken depends on the rule conditions that are met. For example, you can configure a rule that examines the monetary value entered in a course request form, and routes the approval to different people based on the currency or price. If a learner requests approval for a course that is less than $500, the approval follows the rules defined for a simple workflow, which may just require approval from the learner's manager. If the course is greater than $500, the approval follows the rules for a different workflow, which may involve obtaining signoff from multiple people, including the learner's manager, an HR representative, and a director. You can define approval policies using the tasks Manage Approval Transactions for Human Capital Management and Manage Task Configurations for Human Capital Management.

Recommended Reading

Refer to Document ID 2518274.1 on support.oracle.com for an assignment status diagram, which details the workflow of an assignment, and status definitions.