4Scheduled Processes

This chapter contains the following:

Process Jobs in Oracle Learning Cloud

There are three types of processes for Oracle Learning Cloud.

  • Scheduled - jobs you need to schedule at recommended intervals.

  • On Demand - jobs you can run as needed.

  • Automatic - those that run automatically based on certain user-initiated actions.

To access these processes, go to the Scheduled Processes work area available under Tools in the Navigator menu.

Jobs You Need to Schedule

Configure scheduled processes to manipulate a set of records for a specific business need, or to get printable output with information about certain records. Scheduled processes are predefined, but not preconfigured. This table lists the Oracle Learning Cloud Jobs that you need to schedule.

Name Description Recommended Frequency

Deploy Required Viewing to Targeted Users

This job processes the required viewings created by a manager, and deploys them to the targeted users. For example, it deploys them to members when an organization is the target.


Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rule

Used to reconcile dynamic assignments. This job synchronizes or reconciles initiatives, access groups, community required assignments, and other dynamic assignments. It evaluates all the destinations for these dynamic assignments and populates a table so that it is ready for the Reconcile Dynamic Assignments scheduled process. This is the first of two jobs that you need to run to fully reconcile these areas. The second is Reconcile Dynamic Assignments.


(Part 1 of Reconciliation)

Reconcile Access Groups

Used to reconcile local and global access groups.


Reconcile Dynamic Assignments

Used for initiatives, community assignments, and other dynamic assignments. It reads from the table populated by the Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rules Scheduled Process, and uses it to calculate the set of assignments that need to be added or withdrawn. This is the second of two jobs that you need to run to fully reconcile these areas. The first is Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rule.

Daily. Run one hour after Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rule (above).

(Part 2 of Reconciliation)

Load and Synchronize Skillsoft Course Data

Used with the Skillsoft Integration. This job is responsible for loading the available courses from Skillsoft into Oracle Learning Cloud, so that they are available for import. It loads the metadata to allow for search. It loads the sync status from Skillsoft.

Daily. Can also be run manually as needed if force synchronization is required.

Optimize Learning Item Keywords Index

Used with Search. This job optimizes the xml keywords index on learning items table search.

Use the Recreate Index drop-down list to indicate whether you want to rebuild your index rather than using the optimize process. Recreate Index mode enables you to update your learning item keyword index in less time than it takes to use Optimize mode. The Optimize processing can take much longer than the Recreate Index processing, depending on the number of fragmented token you have.

Note: Recreate Index mode makes your search functionality temporarily unavailable during the rebuild process. Optimize mode does not.


Process Learning Alerts

Used for ILT, VILT and alerts. This job calculates which learning alerts need to be processed and sent to learners or instructors.

Twice daily.

Recalculate Learner Wage Rates

Used for planning. This job recalculates the learner wage rates and currencies based on the configured Fast Formula.


Recalculate Learning Item Rating

Used with ratings. This job runs when a learning item is rated by a learner. It calculates and populates the ratings on the learning item.

A few times daily.

Reconcile Learning Assignment Status

Used for assignments. This job updates the learning assignment status based on the application changes. It is used in three use cases by selecting appropriate value in the schedule process:

  1. Reconcile Pending Prerequisite assignments with talent profile of the Assignee. This job checks if a person achieves prerequisite in talent profile, assignment will be moved to next applicable status.

  2. If a learner did not achieve prerequisites in a certain time frame (based on the expiry rule for prerequisites) the learner's assignment is automatically withdrawn.

  3. If a learner's assignment is in pending payment status beyond the rules, the learners are automatically withdrawn.


Virtual Classroom Attendance Report Job

Used with the WebEx integration. This job downloads the attendance report from the virtual classroom provider and attaches it to the activity.


Note: Oracle Learning Cloud is dependent on WebEx to generate its daily report before it can be pulled into Oracle Learning Cloud.

Video Transcoding and Processing

Converts uploaded videos, and to moves them from Pending to Active status. When you set up this job, you can define the number of videos to process at the same time in the Processing Batch Size field. For example, if you enter 2 in this field, the job processes two videos at the same time. If you have four videos to process, and have entered 2 in this field, Learning Cloud processes two of the four videos. When the first job completes, Learning Cloud processes the next two videos.

Note: If you do not enter any number in this field, only one job runs at time. The maximum number you can enter in this field is 5. If you enter a number greater than 5, it is treated as if the number 5 had been entered.


Note: Take into consideration what other jobs are scheduled to run, and at what times. Video transcoding takes up thread resources that you may need to process other jobs, such as Payroll. You may want to schedule this job to run when those high priority jobs are not running.

Approvals are sent based on when the job has finished the transcoding.

Status for jobs include:

  • Paused - usually indicates that this is the parent job. Let's say you send 2 videos for transcoding. These 2 videos represent the entire parent job. If you indicated that only 2 jobs can run at a time in the Processing Batch Size field, the parent job has an initial status of Paused while its first two child jobs have a status of Running.

  • Running - indicates that these videos are processing.

  • Succeeded - indicates that these videos have completed processing successfully. Users can view the transaction job logs when an item is successful.

  • Failed - indicates that the video has failed transcoding. Users can view the transaction job logs when an item is successful.

Important Automation Information

After an initial set of access groups or initiatives are created using dynamic learner selection criteria (Analysis Object, Org Group, Dynamic Learner Criteria, Other Learning Items), Oracle Learning Cloud automates the maintenance of the records as the learning populations change. This automation is achieved through two jobs:

  • Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rules: looks at each destination in an access group, initiative, or followed learning item. It then populates a compare table in the database with the actual person records for each destination.

  • Reconcile Dynamic Assignments: reconciles initiatives, community assignments, and other dynamic assignments.

  • Reconcile Access Groups: reconciles both local and dynamic access groups.

Run the Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rules Job to completion before you run the Reconcile Dynamic Assignments Job. This means you need to estimate the amount of time the first job takes, and schedule the second job to begin after the first one completes. If you have learning items that are following one another, you need to run the Evaluate Person IDs for Assignment Rules Group Job and the Reconcile Dynamic Assignment job twice to fully true up the differences.

For a followed learning item, the learning item following it behaves as if it is an access group. This means you must analyze deltas for, and process the parent learning item first before the child learning item can pick up these changes. For example, if there is a specialization that has an access group, with one analysis object destination, and one course that follows this specialization, the first time the jobs run they will true up the access group on the specialization. The second time they run, they true up the changes for the access group on the course based on the followed specialization. Once both jobs run twice, the changes for the specialization and course are aligned.

Jobs You Can Run On Demand

The following table lists jobs you can run on demand. These are jobs that do not need to be scheduled, but can be manually run as needed.

Name Description

Learn Assignment Migration Job

Used for Assignments. This job executes the migration script that validates and transforms the learn assignment data. It performs the following:

  • Removes duplicate active assignments for the same learner and learning item.

  • Removes duplicate active offering assignments in different offerings for the same course.

  • Creates course assignments for orphan offering assignments.

  • Defines the primary offering assignment in the case of multiple assignments associated to a course assignment.

  • Moves the due date from offering to course assignments, and clears the offering due dates.

  • Keeps the course assignments in sync with the primary offering assignment.

Rebuild Learning Item Indexes

Used for search and HDL. This job runs automatically whenever the attributes by which a learning item may searched are modified. It rebuilds indexes to provide search results for learning items in Oracle Learning Cloud. It may also be run manually. Oracle recommends that you run this process manually after HDL loads.

Note: Do not schedule. Run only after HDL loads and Skillsoft imports.

Jobs that Run Automatically

The following table lists jobs that run automatically.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. Do not manually run these jobs. They run automatically when users perform certain actions.

Name Description

Generate Video Thumbnail

Used with videos. This job generates thumbnails for encoded videos.

Generate a List of People from Analysis Report

Used for assignments by analysis. This job expands the list of recipients defined by an OTBI analysis report that is used as the source of recipients of the learning assignment.

Import Skillsoft Learning Content

Used with the Skillsoft integration. The job is called when the Skillsoft Administrator performs an import action in the UI. It handles both Import All and Selective Import.

Invokes VILT Classroom Self Services Job

Used with the WebEx integration. The job is called programmatically upon self-service actions, such as adding and removing a meeting attendee. Depending on the operation performed, the action is either performed synchronously, or delegated to this job to be performed asynchronously.

Invokes VILT Services Job

Used with the WebEx integration. The job is called programmatically when an instructor or administrator creates or modifies meetings. Depending on the operation performed, the action is either performed synchronously, or delegated to this job to be performed asynchronously.

Learning Item Assignment Changes

Used for Assignment Completion. This job runs automatically when the definition of a hierarchical learning item is modified. This is done to re-evaluate learner completion. For instance, this could happen if a section is removed from a specialization, resulting in a learner having completed all remaining sections, and therefore the learner will be marked as complete.

Oracle Learning Cloud Bulk Processing

Used for mass actions. This job is initiated when an administrator performs a mass action on a group of assignments. The job determines what needs to be done with the assignments based on the mass action that has been performed.

Recommended Learning Details Notification

Used with recommendations. This job runs when a video is shared with users. It retrieves the relevant video data and pushes the necessary information through notification to the targeted employee.

SCORM Upload Job

Used for self-service video uploads. This job runs automatically to asynchronously process uploaded eLearning packages.

Video Ready Job

Used for videos. This job generates thumbnails from encoded video.