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Any measurable behavior required by an organization, job, or position that a person may demonstrate in the work context. A competency can be a piece of knowledge, a skill, an attitude, or an attribute.
content item
An individual quality, skill, or qualification within a content type that you track in profiles.
content library
A repository of the content types and individual content items that can be associated with person profiles and profiles for workforce structures such as jobs and positions.


descriptive flexfield
Expandable fields used for capturing additional descriptive information or attributes about an entity, such as a customer case. You may configure information collection and storage based on the context.
development goal
A goal that is geared toward facilitating the career growth of individuals so that they can perform better in their current job or prepare themselves for advancement.
document type
A categorization of person documents that provides a set of options to control what document information to retain, who can access the documents, whether the documents require approval, and whether the documents are subject to expiry. A document type exists for a combination of document category and subcategory.


eligibility profile
A user-defined set of criteria used to determine whether a person qualifies for a benefits offering, variable rate or coverage, compensation plan, checklist task, or other object for which eligibility must be established.


fast formula
A simple way to write formulas using English words and basic mathematical functions. Formulas are generic expressions of calculations or comparisons that repeat with different input values.


goal library
A central repository of reusable goals maintained by the human resource specialist that managers and workers can copy to use for their own goals.
goal plan
A collection of performance goals that are grouped by common characteristics, such as a specified time frame or a particular department that must work on them.


Abbreviation for human resource.


instance qualifier set
A set of values that uniquely identifies multiple instances of the same profile item.


Person other than the manager who provides feedback about a worker's performance or development upon request.
participant feedback
Ratings, comments, and questionnaire responses about the performance of a worker provided by people other than the worker or the worker's manager in a 360 evaluation.
performance document
Online document used to evaluate a worker for a specific time period. The document contains the content on which the worker is evaluated, which could include goals, competencies, and questionnaires.
performance document content
The criteria, such as competencies and goals, contained in a performance document on which an individual is evaluated.
performance goal
A results-oriented goal, often using specific targets, to assess the level of a worker's achievement.
performance process flow
The tasks, and the order in which those tasks are performed, in a performance evaluation.


question library
A central repository of reusable questions to include in questionnaires.
A set of questions presented in a specific order and format.


rating model
A scale used to measure the performance and proficiency of workers.


talent review
A series of meetings where organization managers evaluate trends, assess strengths, and address areas of risk for the organization.