This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Using Hiring

With Hiring, recruiters and hiring managers can find the best candidates for a job. Hiring provides tools to source and nurture candidates, create and manage job requisitions, screen and select candidates, create and manage job offers, and onboard new employees into the organization. It also provides career sites for employees and external candidates to search, discover, and apply to jobs using a smooth application process.

Let's look at some of the key features.

Job Requisitions

You create job requisitions as per the specific requirements of a job for which a candidate must be hired. A job requisition can contain prescreening questionnaires and screening services such as background checks. You post job requisitions on the career site which the candidates visit as they search for jobs to apply for or refer people for the job.

Recruiting Campaigns

You create recruiting campaigns to advertise job requisitions and promote other recruitment initiatives. For example, you can use campaigns to invite candidates to RSVP recruiting events, or advertise about the company's benefits and corporate culture.

Candidate Selection

You search the database to find qualified candidates for current or planned jobs. You can match candidates to the job requisitions. You can also put candidates in candidate pools for managing the sourcing activities for current or future job positions that you're currently recruiting for. You can move the candidate's job applications after they have applied to the job requisitions during the selection process. The candidate selection process tracks and manages candidates from the time their job application is confirmed to the time that they're hired.

Job Offers

You create job offers by providing details such as proposed start date, job assignment, salary, or other compensation. You extend job offers to candidates. Candidates receive the offers, consider the content, and respond to the offers by either accepting or declining them. When the candidate accepts the job offer, the candidate job application is handed over to the HR specialist who finalizes the HR records for this worker.