19Adaptive Intelligence for Recruiting

This chapter contains the following:

Best Candidates

Recruiters can use the Best Candidates feature to review the recommended best candidates for open job requisitions. Candidates are sorted in order of recommendations, and recruiters can filter the list of recommended candidates to decide who to invite to apply for a job. This feature increases recruiters productivity, helps reduce the time in the overall candidate selection process, and improves the quality of selected candidates. The Best Candidates feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning algorithms to suggest best candidates for a job.

You can benefit most from the feature when you're hiring for professional or skilled positions where the number of candidates is reasonably high. You spend less time manually screening resumes, while still sourcing and recruiting the best talent.

Here are a few things to consider before enabling Best Candidates:

  • Best Candidates works in English language environments only. If resumes, job applications, and job requisitions are in languages other than English, the candidate recommendations may be unpredictable, and we recommend that you don't use the feature.

  • You may not get the best results if you're hiring for these positions:

    • Unskilled workers that require very simple hiring qualifications such as owning a phone or driver's license.

    • Highly specialized positions where there are likely to be very few candidates applying.

Set Up Best Candidates

To set up adaptive intelligence to use the Best Candidates feature, contact Oracle Support. Oracle Support will review your business for suitability to use the feature and will take you through the steps to complete the setup.