Create a Learning Community

You can create a learning community from the My Learning page.

  1. From the Home page, select About Me and then Learning.

  2. Click the My Learning tab and then click Create Community in the My Learning page.

  3. Click Add Image and upload an image that works as a branding image for the community.

  4. Enter the title and description of your community.

  5. You can specify a video that works as a trailer to advertise your community.

  6. Select the privacy option for your community:

    • An Open community enables any learner to search for the community , view its learning catalog, and join the community.

    • A Closed community enables any learner to search for the community, but not view the learning items. You can request to join and view the catalog.

    • A Secret community is accessible to only members and managers from My Learning page Communities content area. Secret communities can't be searched.

    Note: You can always modify the settings of your community later.
  7. For member contributions, select one of the following options:

    • Enabled: All the community members can publish learning items in the community.

    • Disabled: Only the community managers can publish learning items in the community.

  8. Click Submit.

The new community is listed in the Communities Managed region of the My Learning page. Although, as the creator, you become the default community manager, you can add other managers on the Community Details page, in the Membership content area.