Create a Private Succession Plan

This example shows how to create a private succession plan for a job.

This table summarizes key decisions for this scenario.

Decisions to Consider

This Example

Which plan type do I create?


Do I add external candidates?


How many owners do I add for the plan?

A minimum of two

Summary of the Tasks

To create a succession plan:

  1. Enter succession plan details.

  2. Select candidates.

  3. Add owners.

Enter Succession Plan Details

  1. Click My Client Groups > Succession Plans.

  2. On the Succession Overview page, click Add. You can see the Create Succession Plan page.

  3. In the Plan Name field, enter Director of Talent Management.

  4. From the Plan Type list, select Job.

  5. Complete the Status and Description fields as shown in this table.






    Director of Talent Management

  6. Select the Private check box.

  7. From the Job list, select the Director job.

    The jobs that appear are those set up by your organization.

Select Candidates

Do these steps for each candidate that you want to add to the plan.
  1. In the Candidates section, click Add > Internal Candidate.

  2. In the Name field, search and select a candidate.

  3. From the Readiness list, select a readiness level for the candidate.

    You can add or remove readiness levels using the Succession Management Lookups task in the Setup and Maintenance work area.
  4. Complete the Ranking, Interim Successor, and other ratings fields.

  5. Click OK.

Add Owners

By default, the person creating the succession plan is added as an owner of type Administrator. If you don't add additional owners, no one else can access the succession plan as it's a private plan. Do these steps for each owner that you want to add to the plan.

Note: To access the Succession Plans work area, owners must inherit the Succession Plan Management Duty role. The HR specialist job role inherits this duty role by default.
  1. In the Owners section, click Add.

  2. In the Owner field, search and select a plan owner.

  3. From the Owner Type list, select the owner type.

    Only an administrator can manage the plan details. Candidate managers can add and remove candidates, and viewers can only view the plan.
  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Save and Close to save the succession plan.