Creating the Metadata Import File

Before you begin loading, you must create an import file for each artifact that you want to import (dimensions, smart lists, and exchange rate tables). The import file must contain a header record, and then below the header record, a list of metadata records that you want to import or update. The file format can be .csv (comma-delimited), or .txt (tab-delimited or other delimiter characters).

The file consists of these sections:

  • A header record, the first line in the file:
    • Lists the dimension and any member properties used by subsequent metadata records; the header record and subsequent records do not need to include all properties; properties that are not included are inherited from the corresponding parent’s default property value
    • Is case-sensitive
    • Can list properties in any order, as long as the subsequent metadata records are in the same order
    • Can use comma or tab delimiters. Other delimiter characters can be used if they are supported and the same delimiter character is used throughout the file. For a list of supported delimiter characters and exceptions, see Other Supported Delimiter Characters.
  • After the header record, a list of metadata records that you want to import. Each metadata record contains a delimited list (comma, tab, or other) of property values that matches the order designated in the header record. A metadata record can skip a property that is specified in the header record; in this case, the default property is assumed.