Scheduling Jobs

You can schedule when you want to run a job, either now or in the future. and how often (once, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly).

To schedule a job:

  1. On the Home page, select Applications, and then click Jobs.
  2. Click Schedule Jobs.
    Schedule a job.
  3. On the Schedule Job page, General tab, under What type of job is this?, select the type of job you want to run:
    • Rules—Launches a business rule. The Business Rules page lists the business rules that were created for the application.
    • Import Data—Runs a data import operation.
    • Import Metadata—Runs a metadata import operation.
    • Export Data—Runs a data export operation.
    • Export Metadata—Runs a metadata export operation.
    • Refresh Database—Launches the database refresh operation.
    • Invalid Intersection Reports—Runs an Invalid Intersection Report.
    • Restructure Cube—From Cube, select the cube to restructure. Performs a full restructure of a Block Storage cube (BSO) to eliminate or reduce fragmentation. This will also remove empty blocks. It is not applicable for an Aggregate Storage cube (ASO).

  4. Select when you want to run the job:
    • Run Now
    • Schedule Starting From. You need to select the start date from the calendar, and select the appropriate time zone.
  5. Enter a name for the job, for example, MyWeeklyCubeRefresh.

    The name that you enter is displayed on the job listing in the Jobs console, and a system-generated job name is appended, for example, MyWeeklyCubeRefresh: Refresh Database.

  6. Under Recurrence pattern, select the frequency to run the job:
    • Run Once

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

  7. Optional: To enter an end date, click the End Date checkbox, and then select the date and time..
  8. Click Next to continue.
  9. The Job Details page lists the operations that were saved as a job. Select a job, and click Next
  10. From the Review page, review your selections.
    • To continue, click Finish.

    • To make changes, click Previous.

    • To cancel the job, click Cancel.