Predefined Roles

Roles link users to the business activities that they are permitted to perform within Tax Reporting, and the data that they can access.

Access to Tax Reporting instances is granted by assigning users to roles. For example, to permit users to view reports belonging to a test instance, they should be assigned to the Viewer role for the instance.

Except for the Identity Domain Administrator role, Tax Reporting roles are hierarchical. Users must be assigned to predefined roles that grant them access to business functions and associated data. Access granted through lower-level roles is inherited by higher-level roles. For example, Service Administrators also inherit the access granted through Power User and Viewer roles.

The following predefined roles are available:

Table 12-1 Tax Reporting

Role Description

Identity Domain Administrator

Uses the Security page of My Services to perform all identity domain management tasks, including creating users and assigning them to roles.

The Identity Domain Administrator is not a functional role; it does not inherit access privileges granted through functional roles. To access service features, the Identity Domain Administrator must be granted one of the four functional roles in Tax Reporting.

See Identity Domain Administrator role in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud for a detailed description of this role.

Service Administrator

Read, write, and update everything in the application, including metadata and data, for all entities or a specific group or of entities. Also performs Tax Automation.

Power User

Views and interacts with data. Reads and writes to the application, runs tax automation, and imports data for the assigned entities.


Read, write, and update only tax related forms for which access has been assigned, including the following tasks:

  • Enters and submits data for approval
  • Analyzes forms using ad hoc features
  • Consolidates data as needed for entities to which they have access
  • Creates and submits for approval the journals for dimension members for which they have Modify rights


Read-only access to specified forms to view and analyze data through forms and any data access tools. Data Access tools include reports and ad hoc grids.


Users with the Viewer role are never granted Write access.