Disabling and Enabling Valid Intersection Groups

Valid intersection groups, by default, are enabled at the time of creation. If you do not want a valid intersection group to be evaluated or used, you can disable it on the Valid Intersections tab. When a valid intersection is disabled, the valid intersection rule for that group no longer applies when viewing forms or business rules. You can reenable a disabled valid intersection group.

To disable and enable a valid intersection group:

  1. On the Home page, click Application, and then Valid Intersections.
    Select the checkmark to toggle the valid intersection group to be abled or disabled.
  2. In the Enabled column of the valid intersection list, click the check mark next to the valid intersection group to enable or disable the group.


    The check mark is green if the group is enabled.
  3. Ensure that any remaining groups that are enabled are still listed in the correct evaluation order in the valid intersections list. If they are not, move them up or down in the order.