Setting Up an Integration

Make sure you have the prerequisites and follow these steps to set up an integration between Task Manager and an external application.


To integrate Task Manager with an on-premises application such as E-Business Suite, you need:
  • A subscription to Oracle Integration Cloud Service.


    You need one Integration Cloud instance per FCCS or TRCS instance.
  • The on-premises application such as Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) set up.
  1. Subscribe to Oracle Integration Cloud / Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud. See Integration Cloud Service Documentation for detailed information.
  2. Review and complete the pre-requisites for "Use Oracle E-Business Suite Business Events to Trigger Integration Endpoint in Oracle Integration Cloud" for EBS adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud.
  3. In Financial Consolidation and Close or Tax Reporting, from the Home page, select Application, and then click Task Manager.
  4. Click the Integrations tab on the left.
  5. Click Manage Connections.
  6. From Manage Connections, under Actions, select Integration Cloud Connection.
    screenshot of Integration Cloud Connection
  7. Specify the Integration Cloud connection URL and credentials and click Validate. After validation is successful, click Save. This saves the server and credential of the FCCS or TRCS connection.


    Task Manager uses Integration Cloud for all the integrations to external applications that are non-EPM Cloud. The external applications can be another Cloud service or an on-premises application such as E-Business Suite. These can be Process Automation or Event Monitoring integration types.
  8. Do one of the following depending on whether the EBS connections for General Ledger and Account Payable connections are already enabled:
    • If the EBS connections for General Ledger and Account Payable is already enabled, click Deploy and then Generate to deploy the corresponding Integration Cloud integrations to Integration Cloud
    • If the EBS connections for General Ledger and Account Payable connections were not enabled:
      1. In Task Manager within Financial Consolidation and Close orTax Reporting , go to Manage Integrations, then from Action menu, select Manage Connections.
      2. Select and edit Oracle E-Business Suite - General Ledger. Select the Enabled check box and click OK. Then click Deploy and then Generate.
      3. Repeat steps for Oracle E-Business Suite - Account Payable.

      The system creates the Integration Task Type and also deploys Integration Cloud integrations to Integration Cloud service.


    If you are doing this for first time and the connections in Integration Cloud are not completed, all the Integration Cloud deployments will fail during activation. This is expected. To fix this:
    1. Log in to Integration Cloud.
    2. Navigate to Connections. You will see two connections named FCCS and EBS. Optionally use Search.

      Edit FCCS connection:

      • Click Configure Connectivity and enter FCCS url as <FCCS url>/HyperionPlanning/rest/cmapi/v1
      • Click Configure Security and enter the Service Administrator credential of your FCCS service. Then click Test and then Save.


      The Service administrator user ID should be in the format specified in the following link:

      Edit EBS connection:

      • Enter connection URL and credentials of your Oracle E-Business suite.
      • Click Test and then Save.
    3. From FCCS, open Task Manager and select Manage Integrations.
    4. In Manage Connections, in Actions menu, select Integration Cloud Connection and click Deploy and then Generate. This time the deployment should complete without any errors.
  9. Verify that the Integration - EBS linking is done properly. You can do this by logging in to Oracle E-Business Suite as administrator and verify the Integration Cloud REST service is added as subscriber for Business event. Here's an example:
    screenshot of E-Business Suite Administrator workflow, Business Events selection

    Check that the Integration Cloud service was added. For example:
    screenshot of business events subscription in EBS for verification purposes