Auditing Information Overview

You can use the Audit Information feature to view the tasks performed by users. You can filter audited tasks by Task Group (for example, Metadata Administration, Forms or Data), Action (such as Add or Modify), user ID, start time and end time.

You must be a Service Administrator to view and export task audit information.

By default, the system logs these user activities in the task audit:

  • Data

  • Metadata Administration

  • Data Form definition

  • Rules

  • User administration

  • Security

  • Clear Cell Details

  • Copy Data and Clear Data details

  • Approvals

  • Task Manager history

The Audit Report page displays the following information:

  • Task—The task name

  • Time—Date and time

  • Property—Audit properties

  • Action—For example, Add or Modify

  • Value

Audit Report page

The Task Manager Audit page displays history records for Task Manager related objects. These Task Manager objects are tracked:

  • Alert

  • Attribute

  • Filter (Public only)

  • Holiday Rules

  • List (Public only), including the list filter condition and column selection

  • Organizational Unit

  • Schedule

  • Setting

  • Task

  • Task Type

  • Team

  • Template