Running the CbCR Automation Migration

After setting up CbCR Automation, you must run the migration.

Migration can only be performed from the Consol cube, and uses rules that have already been created.

The CbCR Automation rules are specific to the Scenario, Year and Period. The migration creates CbCR rules from existing CbCR Attribute mappings for the selected year and period, and also for prior years and periods to ensure that historic CbCR data is still valid, and attribute mappings are accounted for.

The following considerations apply:

  • Existing CbCR Attribute mappings will remain in the system; however, they will not be considered during calculation.
  • There is no impact on the System Data Status from this migration.
  • If CbCR Automation rules have already been set up, running this migration will overwrite any existing rules for the selected time period and any periods prior to that.

To run the CbCR migration:

  1. From the Home page, click Applications, and then Configuration.
  2. Select CbCR Automation Migration.
  3. On the CbCR Automation Data Migration form, select a Year and a Period for the migration, and then click Launch.
    CbCR Automation Migration screen
  4. If there are existing mappings, click OK to overwrite them.
  5. From the Home page, click CbCR, then Data Entry, and then Table 1 Data Entry,
  6. Select Actions, and then Consolidate to verify that the new mapping is being correctly picked up.