Applying a Holiday Rule to a Schedule Template

After you create a holiday rule and apply it to an organizational unit, you can apply the organizational unit to a schedule template.

To apply a holiday rule:

  1. On the Home page, click Applications, and then Task Manager.
  2. Click the Templates tab on the left Templates tab.
  3. Select a template, then select the Actions icon Actions icon, and then Create Schedule.
  4. Select a template and select ActionsActions, and then Create Schedule.
  5. For Schedule Parameters, specify the Schedule, Year, Period, and Day Zero Date, and then click Create Schedule. After the Day Zero Date is selected, the screen expands.
  6. Under Date Mapping, click Advanced Configuration.
  7. From Organizational Unit, select Set Value To and then click the Search iconSearch icon.
  8. Select the organizational unit that you created or edited that contains the holiday rule, and then click OK.
  9. Optional: Under Work Days, select Override Works Days and pick the days to which this holiday rule will apply.
  10. Click OK.

The Schedule Parameters Date Mapping now shows the holiday.