Updating Tasks from Smart View

You can work with Task Manager from Oracle Smart View for Office. You must first install the Smart View Extension for Close and Supplemental Data Management. See the Getting Started with Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud Guide.

During the Task Manager setup in System Settings, an administrator can select the columns to be displayed in Smart View, for example, the task attributes. See the Oracle Cloud Administering Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud.

After you install the extension and create a connection, you can view a schedules and tasks. The system displays a list of schedules to which you have access. If multiple schedules are selected, a header row displays with tasks for that schedule.

When you click a schedule from the list, the system displays a list of the tasks that you are currently working on. After a task has been submitted or approved, it is no longer displayed on the list.

The available Actions depend on your user role:

  • Assignee - Submit Task
  • Approver - Approve and Reject Task
  • Assignee or Approver - Reassign Task

If you submit a task that is incomplete, for example, you need to answer questions first, a validation error displays when you submit the task. You can double click on the task or row to open the task and finish completing it.

For information on working with Smart View, see Working with Oracle Smart View for Office.

Watch this tutorial video to learn about using Smart View:

Video iconManaging Data Using Smart View in Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud

To update tasks from Smart View:

  1. Launch Smart View and click the Close Tasks tab.
  2. From the list of schedules, select a schedule. The system displays a list of the tasks that you are currently working on.
  3. To open and update a task, from the task list, double-click a row to open the Task dialog box.
  4. To submit, approve, reject, or reassign a tasks, use of these methods:
    • From the Task dialog box, click Submit Task, Approve Task, Reject Task, or Reassign Task.
    • From the Task list, select a row and click the available action button at the end of the row.
    • From the Smart View ribbon, select an action.