Reopening Tasks

You can reopen tasks and choose to reestablish the predecessor and successor relationships.

To reopen a task:

  1. On the Home page, click Tasks and then click Close Tasks.
  2. Select a closed task and double-click it.
  3. On the Task Details dialog box, click Reopen. The Task Details dialog box is now editable.
  4. On the Predecessors tab, add or delete predecessors and then click Save and Close.

The Confirmation dialog box is displayed.

Designate relationships:

  • Designate predecessor tasks. Choose one:

    • If there are predecessors, then you can choose this option: Re-establish predecessor relationships - Tasks will open in original order.

    • Ignore predecessor relationships - All tasks will reopen immediately.

  • Designate successor tasks:

    1. Select Re-Open Successor Tasks. The successor list is displayed.

    2. Select the successor tasks.

  • Click OK to close. The task details dialog box closes and the task reopens based on your selections. Click OK, otherwise, click Cancel.