Customizing the Column Layout

Each column in the Simplified dimension editor grid represents a member property (Member Name, Parent Member, Default Data Storage, and so on). The columns that initially display on the grid can be different based on which dimension type you are editing. You can customize the layout of columns in the Simplified dimension editor grid by hiding, unhiding, or resizing columns. You can also display the complete set of properties (all columns) by clearing the Default mode option.

To customize the column layout in the Simplified dimension editor grid:

  1. View Edit Member Properties.
  2. On the dimension grid, right-click any column heading.

    A checklist of columns displays. Also displayed are column or grid resizing options.

  3. Select or clear the check boxes for the columns you want to hide or unhide on the grid.


    To view all property columns in the grid, clear the Default mode check box. Default mode is selected by default, and limits the properties that are displayed. Clearing this option displays a larger (complete) set of properties (as columns).

  4. To change the size of the grid or the columns that are displayed on the grid, select or clear the following resizing options:
    • Force fit columns—Resizes the columns so that all columns are visible on the grid without scrolling.

    • Synchronous resize—Resets the size of the grid to original settings.