Data Source Dimension Security

During application creation, these steps occur:

  • The DataSourceDefaultAccess user group is automatically created in Application Management.

  • The default security role assigned for the group is Viewer.

  • The system enables security on the DataSource dimension.

  • Access rights are automatically assigned.


The Administrator should ensure that all the users in the application are part of the DataSourceDefaultAccess user group, so that you do not need to manually assign security on the Data Source dimension.

Table 3-2 Data Source Dimension Access Rights

Dimension Member Group Access Access Rights Relation
No Data Source DataSourceDefaultAccess Write Member
Total Data Source DataSourceDefaultAccess Write Descendant
SDM Input DataSourceDefaultAccess Read Member
FDMEE Input DataSourceDefaultAccess Read Member
System Types DataSourceDefaultAccess Write Descendant


You should not enter data directly in forms, Supplemental Data Manager (SDM), and FDMEE input members (for example, SDM Input and FDMEE Input). It is recommended to enter data through Supplemental Data Manager, or FDMEE, respectively.