Working with Dimension Hierarchies Using the Navigator

You can edit dimensions and members using the Navigator from the Home Page. You can only edit one dimension at a time. If you want to edit multiple dimensions at one time, see Working with Dimensions Using the Simplified Dimension Editor.

To edit dimensions:

  1. From the Home page, click Navigator Navigator icon, and then under Create and Manage, select Dimensions.
  2. On the Dimensions tab, under Cube, ensure the correct cubes have been selected.
  3. Under Dimension, select the dimension you want to view or modify.
  4. Click the caret caret icon beside each member to expand the hierarchy levels.
  5. Using the options under Actions, or the associated icons, modify the dimension or member as required.
  6. When you have completed your changes, under Actions, select Refresh Database.


    Oracle recommends that you back up your Outline file and export data from all databases before refreshing the database.