Editing a Navigation Flow

To edit a navigation flow:

  1. Open the Navigation Flow page. See Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows.
  2. Click the name of the navigation flow you want to edit.


    The predefined navigation flow isn't editable. However, you can create a copy of a predefined navigation flow and edit the copy. See Predefined Navigation Flows.

  3. Edit details of the navigation flow:
    • Name—The name is editable if the navigation flow isn't a predefined navigation flow.


      Ensure that you adhere to the navigation flow naming restrictions outlined in Viewing and Working with Navigation Flows.

    • Assign To—Click Select Group or Role icon to assign the navigation flow to a group of users or to a role.

    • Visible—Indicates whether a card in the navigation flow is visible on the Home page to the users in the group.

    • Order—The cards within the navigation flow are listed in the order in which they are displayed on the Home page, if visible. Selecting an up or down arrow option repositions the cards in the listing and changes the display order of the cards on the Home page. Selecting the right arrow moves a card into a cluster.

    • Remove—Removes a card or cluster from the navigation flow.

    • Add Card—Adds a new card to the navigation flow. See Adding Cards.

    • Add Cluster—Adds a new cluster to the navigation flow. See Grouping Cards into Clusters.

    • Add Existing Card/Cluster—Adds an existing card or cluster to the navigation flow.

To reload a navigation flow to view design time changes, see Reloading a Navigation Flow.