Common Connection Errors and Resolutions

Known Errors and Resolutions

  • The target connection does not belong to the same domain as the source. Ensure that the target connection is in the same domain as the source.

  • The product version of the target is different from that of the source. Before creating a connection, ensure that both the source and target product versions are the same.

  • The user name must have a Service Administrator role.

  • The target connection must have an application. Create an application on the target and try again.

  • The user name or password is invalid. Ensure the user is a Service Administrator.

    • Ensure the user password used in the connection definition is not expired.

    • Ensure the Domain field is not edited by the user. The domain is automatically populated from the URL. If there is no domain in the URL, then the Domain field is left blank.

  • The URL provided is not for a business process of type <selected provider type name>.

    For example, the user has selected a provider type for Planning, but has provided a URL for Financial Consolidation and Close.

Unknown Errors and Resolutions

  • The target you were trying to reach could not be found. Check the URL to ensure that the path is correct.

    • Ensure that the URL is valid.

    • Ensure that the URL is not a Workspace URL (for example, http://<hostname>/workspace).

  • Unable to establish a connection due to an unexpected error. For common connection errors and possible resolutions, see "Connecting Subscriptions in EPM Cloud" in your Administering guide at Cloud Documentation.

    • The target server is down.

    • The target server is in maintenance mode.

    • The target server is performing daily maintenance and will not be available until the maintenance process is complete.

    • The target server URL is not a trusted website and is denied access.