Connecting to External Web Services

Service Administrators can also connect to external Web services for the purpose of reading data from and writing to an external Web service.

This connection can be referenced or used in a Groovy script to create a communications link between the Groovy script and the external HTTP/HTTPS resource. For more details and examples of how this connection can be used in a Groovy script, see the Java API documentation for the Connection and the HttpRequest objects in the EPM Groovy object model.


The Other Web Service Provider connection type is only available for use with those business processes that allow Groovy Rules to be created. See the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, Groovy Rules Java API Reference.

Before you can create connections to external Web services, you must ensure you have access to the Web service you're connecting. You must also have URLs for the Web service and any login details, if required.

To create a connection to an external Web service:

  1. Login to the source environment.

  2. From the Home page, click Tools, and then click Connections.

  3. On the Manage Connections page, click Create.

  4. Click Other Web Service Provider.

  5. Enter a Connection Name and a Description for the connection.

  6. Enter the URL for the target connection.

  7. Enter optional advanced options for the URL.


    The optional advanced options enable you to specify query or header parameters when defining an external connection. See Specifying Advanced Options for External Connections.

  8. Enter User and Password login credentials for the connection, if required. In some cases, such as connecting to Oracle Cloud services, the domain name may need to be prefixed to the user name; for example, <Identity Domain>.<User Name>.

  9. Click Save and Close.