Why Is My Referenced Card, Tab, or Cluster Not Visible?

When customizing navigation flows to connect EPM Cloud subscriptions, at times the connected artifacts may not be visible. Here are some common reasons why:

  • The target subscription is down; for example, to perform routine daily maintenance.

  • The password provided in the connection definition is expired.

  • The user name provided in the connection no longer has an administrator role.

  • The product version of one of the subscriptions has changed; for example, 17.09.xxx and 17.10.xxx don't communicate because both subscriptions must be the same version.

    Note the following:

    • This version restriction only applies to the first four digits of the version number.

    • This version restriction impacts customers who have multiple EPM Cloud subscriptions and who might have stopped taking monthly updates for a given subscription.

  • The password was not setup again after performing a Migration. Since passwords are not migrated, you must ensure the password is setup again after the Migration backup is restored.

  • The referenced navigation flow was deleted on the target subscription, or:

    • The referenced navigation flow artifact (card, tab, or cluster) was deleted.

    • The referenced artifact from the target flow was deleted or renamed.

    • The currently logged in user's access to the given artifact was revoked.