Filtering Cell-Level Security Definitions

You can filter the list of cell-level security definitions by certain criteria such as by cube, by restriction, or by date. When you filter, only the definitions that meet the filter criteria are displayed on the Cell-Level Security Definitions page.

To filter cell-level security definitions:

  1. Click Application, and then click Cell-Level Security.
  2. Click filter icon to specify filter criteria:
    • Cubes: View only the definitions in the selected cube or cubes, or select All.

    • Enabled: View only the definitions that are enabled (Yes), not enabled (No), or select All.

    • Restriction: View only the definitions that are assigned the Deny Read or Deny Write restriction, or select All.

    • Modified: View only the definitions that were modified before or after a certain date and time, or the definitions modified within a range of dates or times. Select After, Before, or Between and then click Date amd Time icon to specify the date and time criteria.

    • Modified By: View only the definitions modified by selected users.

    • Effective Assignment: View only the definitions that effect the selected users or groups.

  3. Click More to further refine the filter criteria:
    • Dimensions

    • Anchor Dimensions

    • Anchor Dimension: Apply to Selected Members Only: Choose Yes, No, or All.

    • Additional Dimensions Required: Choose Yes, No, or All.

  4. Click Apply.