Working with Infolets

Once you've created an infolets page, it is displayed in the infolets listing on the Infolets tab.

  1. From the Home page, click Library, and then select the Infolets tab.
  2. To work with infolets, perform an action:
    • To create infolets, click Create. See Creating Infolets.

    • To refresh the infolets listing, click Refresh.

    • To perform the following actions on infolet pages, click the Actions icon next to the infolet page, and then select:

      • Edit

      • Rename

      • Copy As

      • Delete

      • Default or Unmark

      • Assign Permission


    • Selecting Default marks an infolet page as the default. Infolet pages marked as default can be accessed directly from the Home page by clicking the second infolet dot that is displayed beneath the global header on the Home page. To remove the Default setting from an infolet page, select Unmark.

    • Users can mark either an infolet page or a dashboard as default. If a dashboard is marked as default first, and then the user marks an infolet page as default, then the default dashboard will be overwritten. Conversely, if an infolet is marked default first, then any dashboard marked default later will overwrite the default infolet.