29 Managing the Approval Process

An administrator manages the approval process, including setting up approval unit hierarchies, assigning the approval unit hierarchy to a specific Scenario, Year and Period, setting up validation rules, and starting the review process.

See Starting the Approval Process.

During the approval process, the administrator can monitor the status of each entity within the approval unit hierarchy and perform approval actions for these entities. The Process Status is only available to the administrator. Other users, such as Power Users and Users, perform approval actions from the Approvals card on the Home page. See Reviewing and Approving Data in the Working with Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud guide.

To access the Process Status page:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon.

  2. Under Workflow, click Manage Approvals.

  3. From Scenario, Year, and Period, select a valid scenario, year, and period.

  4. Click Go.

  5. From the View menu, select Process Status.