Navigation Flow Customization Categories

Navigation flows are categorized as follows for customization:

  1. Global—Navigation flows are seen by all users

  2. Role—Navigation flows are seen only by users in a specific role; for example, User or Power User

  3. Group—Navigation flows are seen only by users belonging to a specific group

Navigation flows can be defined at any of these levels. In cases where navigation flows exist at multiple levels, updates are applied in the order of highest (global) to lowest (groups).

For example, if you create a navigation flow that displays an icon on the Home page named "My Tasks", and then another Service Administrator duplicates the navigation flow, makes the following changes to the card, and then associates the navigation flow with a group:

  • At the global level, they rename "My Tasks" to "Company Tasks"

  • At the group level, for a group named Sales, they rename "My Tasks" to "Sales Tasks"

Users who belong to the group called Sales will see the label "Sales Tasks" in the navigation flow instead of "My Tasks," and all other users will see the label "Company Tasks".