Setting Non-Controlling Interest (NCI)

A minority interest or Non-Controlling Interest (NCI ) is the plug amount to convert the TRCS_NIBTAdjusted that consolidates at PCon down to POwn. The NCI Account (Ownership_NCI_Account) is only calculated when the attribute has been set on the NCI Account member of your choosing. NCI should be a child of TRCS_PermGSTotal or TRCS_PermSTTotal

If Set at each level, the formula for NCI will be -1*( TRCS_NIBTAdjusted*PCON – ( (TRCS_NIBTAdjusted + NCI) * weightedPOWN))

To set NCI:

  1. From the Home page, select the Navigator.
  2. Under Create and Manage, select Dimensions.
  3. Under Dimension, select Account, and then select one of the following Accounts:
    • TRCS_PermSTTotal
    • TRCS_PermGSTotal
  4. To the selected Account, click Add Child Add Child icon.
  5. On the Member Properties tab, enter the Name for the NCI account, and complete the form.
  6. Set Data Storage to Store.
  7. On the Attribute Values tab, under Available Attribute Values, expand NCI Account, and then highlight Ownership NCI Account, and then click Add.
    Set the NCI Account
  8. Click Save.
  9. Refresh the database to apply the changes.
    NCI Account set