Importing Dimension Members Using Supplemental Data

Administrators and Power Users can import dimension members from standard flat comma-separated value (CSV) files.

Dimensions and dimension members are copied to supplemental data during a Refresh Database call. To provide detail about the members, both leaf and non-leaf members are copied, along with the parent node name.

To import dimension members:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon
  2. Under Create and Manage, click Supplemental Data.
  3. From Quick Links, select Dimensions.
  4. Select a dimension.
  5. In Members and Attributes, click Actions, and then Import.
  6. Click Browse, and then navigate to the file you want to import.
  7. Select one of these options:
    • Replace—Replace dimension members with the definition in the import file. Replaces the member with the member in the file that you are importing. It does not affect other members that are not specified in the import file.
    • Update—Update some member attributes.

  8. Select a Date Format.

    Select a format from the drop-down list of allowed date formats. Date formats are not translated. By default, the date format is set to the locale date format of the exported file location.

  9. Select a File Delimiter for the import file: Comma or Tab. Comma is selected by default.
  10. Click Import.

    The Results screen displays the number of imported dimension members.

  11. Click OK or Reset. The Reset button clears the dialog, and you can select another file to import.