Creating Supplemental Data Manager Form Templates

The forms are used to submit your supplemental data to the database. You can select the cubes that you want to use, as follows:

  • Consol
  • CbCR
  • Rates

Administrators and power users can manage Form Templates.

To create form templates:

  1. From the Home page, click Application, and then click Supplemental Data.
  2. Click the Form Templates tab on the left.
  3. Click New iconNew.
  4. On the Properties tab, provide the following information:
    • Name - enter a unique form template name.
    • Description - enter an optional description for the form
    • Scenario - The Scenario dimension is created as part of the application. Select the form template for a particular scenario, for example, Actual or Budget.
    • Optional - Select Allow Ad-Hoc Forms to allow users to create forms from the template.

      From Users for Ad-Hoc Forms, click the Add (+) icon to open the Member Selector, then select and add the users who can create forms, and click OK.

  5. Click Save, and then complete instructions.