Supplemental Data Process Overview

Supplemental Data Manager helps you organize, update, edit, and manage supplemental data, typically financial transactions. You can:

  • Define the data definition and associated data forms for data collection

  • Support the ability to create calculation formula and validation criteria

  • Control and monitor the data collection workflow

Supplemental Data management requires these steps:

  1. The Administrator or Power User completes the required setup procedures:

    • Sets up users.

    • Sets up metadata information referenced in a data set; for example, dimension definition and members.

  2. The Power User defines the data set:

    • Creates data sets, attributes, and calculation and validation rules for the attributes.


      Users can input or calculate an attribute.

    • Creates additional Data Form Templates.

    • Assigns workflow and access for each data form template.

    • Deploys the form template to a specific data collection period to be ready for the collection process.

      • If the period is not open, then the form instances are in pending status.

      • If the period is open, then the form instance is active and available for data entry.

    • Sends email alerts to assigned users for their related data forms.

  3. The User loads the data:

    • Loads data manually or uses a CSV file for each form data or web UI.

    • Performs validation and ensure correctness of data.

    • Submits data for approval.

  4. The User assigned as the approver reviews and approves or rejects the data (may have multiple levels of approval).

  5. The Administrator opens the Period after dimensions, data sets, and forms are created in the system, and also to start the data collection process.

  6. The Administrator or Power User sends email alerts to assigned users for their related data forms.

  7. The User groups and filters data to focus on certain data segments.

  8. The User views the summarized data after data is approved (depends on workflow option) and posts data.

  9. The Administrator closes and locks the period for the data collection:

    • Closes Period for Data Collection (prevent additional form instances to start)

    • Locks Period for Data Collection (no more changes)

You can also use Oracle Smart View for Office for the data collection process. When you install the Smart View Extension for Supplemental Data, you can manage the data collection process and work with supplemental data forms using the Supplemental Data menu option in Smart View. See Working with Supplemental Data in Smart View.

Watch these videos to learn more about using supplemental data: