Working with Supplemental Data in Smart View

You can use Oracle Smart View for Office for the data collection process. When you install the Smart View Extension for Supplemental Data Management, you can manage the data collection process and work with supplemental data forms using the Supplemental Data menu option in Smart View.

To install the extension, see see "Downloading and Installing Clients " in Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators.

After you install the extension and create a connection, you can perform these Supplemental Data tasks in Smart View:

  • View a worklist of the forms that you need to act on for preparation, approval and posting

  • View a list of the Collections in the system for which you have View security rights

  • Apply filters on the data collected as part of the data collection process

    Any filters or lists that you previously created for supplemental data are available in Smart View.

Security Considerations

  • Service Administrators can view all Collections regardless of which legal entities are specified in the data collection.

  • Power Users and Users can see all Collections for which they are eligible as part of the workflow and according to their access roles for the legal entities.

  • Users will see only the forms for which they are authorized. Depending on the security role, the available options such as Save Data, Approve, or Reject change to match the associated role.

Connecting to Smart View

  1. From the Home page, select Downloads and download Smart View Extension for Supplemental Data Management.

  2. In Smart View, create a connection and enter the URL.

  3. In the right panel, from Private Connections, select the Supplemental Data Manager connection that you created.

  4. In the Connection dialog box, enter a user name and password, then click Connect.

Working with Supplemental Data Forms

  1. From the Private Connections list, select the Supplemental Data Manager connection.

  2. Select the Supplemental Data tab and then click Refresh.

  3. Expand Worklist.

    The system displays a list of applicable forms, depending on your security access, for example:

    Expense Form (Preparer Jan 16, 2019) E04 - Jan 2019 Actual

  4. From the list of forms, select a form.

    You can view or modify forms, answer questions, and enter comments.

  5. When you are finished, select the appropriate action for the form:

    • Save Data

    • Submit Data

    • Approve

    • Reject

    • Post Data