Importing and Exporting Tasks

To import tasks:

  1. From a task, click Actions, and then Import.
  2. Click Browse to find the import file.
  3. In Import Tasks, select an Import Type:
    • Replace—Replaces the definition of a task with the definition in the import file. This option replaces the task detail with the detail that is in the file that you are importing. It does not affect other tasks in the schedule that are not specified in the import file.
    • Update—Updates partial information for tasks. For example, in the import file, you might have made changes to task instructions, reassigned Owners, Assignees, and Approvers, or removed some attributes and added new attributes. You might also have made the same change to a large number of tasks, for example, adding a new attribute to 100 of 400 tasks. The update option is not a full replacement of the task details. Only details for the task properties specified in the file are updated. For example, if the import file has only a column for a task instructions, the task name, Assignee, attributes, and other properties are not affected.
  4. Select a Date Format from the drop-down list of allowed date formats. Date formats are not translated. By default, the date format is set to the locale date format of the exported file location.
  5. Select a File Delimiter for the import file: Comma or Tab. Comma is selected by default.
  6. Click Import.


    The system displays a warning that tasks in a schedule that match a task ID in the import file will be modified. If you do not want to overwrite the task, click Cancel.

To export tasks:

  1. From a task, click Actions, and then Export Tasks.
  2. In Export Tasks :
    • For Rows—Select All Tasks or Selected Tasks.
    • For Format—Select Formatted data (visible columns only) or Unformatted data for future import.
  3. Click Export Tasks.
  4. Select Open with Microsoft Office Excel (default) or select another program to open the file, or Save File..
  5. Click OK.