Calculation Status

Tax Reporting maintains the calculation status for each Scenario, Period, Entity and Parent entity combination. The calculation status indicates whether data needs to be translated or consolidated. The calculation status can change as a result of several actions:

  • Changing the organization structure
  • Adding or deleting accounts
  • Modifying entity attributes
  • Entering data in data grids, or loading data from external sources
  • Reloading rules
  • Changing percent consolidation
  • Changing currency rates
  • Changing override amount data
  • Updating and loading book data
  • Loading and adjusting tax data
  • Loading and updating tax automation rules
  • Loading and updating RTA automation rules
  • Loading and updating tax rates or consolidated rates

Table 18-2 Consolidation Statuses

Status Description


Data is OK. None of the data for the specified dimensions has changed.

No Data

No data exists for the specified dimensions.


Data has changed since last generated, which requires a reconsolidation to change its status to OK. This occurs when a change to a base entity data impacts a parent entity.

Needs Translation

The selected dimension member is not the entity’s default currency and its translated values may not be current.

System Change

A change has occurred that may affect the data for the specified dimensions. For example, a new rules file or metadata file has been loaded, or the currency rate has changed.