Setting Data Sources for Regional Ending Balances Per Book

For Tax Account Rollforward, you can pull data from multiple data sources, such as Managed data, Supplemental data and Data Input, so that all selected data sources are reflected in the Tax Account Rollforward ending balances per book.

To map book Accounts for ending balances as per book:

  1. From the Home page, select the Navigator icon Navigator icon, then under Create and Manage, click Dimensions.
  2. Under Dimensions, select Data Source. The data sources are listed under the parent total data source - FCCS_TotalInputAndAdjusted.
    Data sources listed under Data Source dimensions.

  3. Under the Account dimension, select a book account. You can use Search to enter the book account name.
  4. Click Edit Edit icon, and then click the Attribute Values tab
  5. On the Attribute Values tab, select the Tax Book Account Regional custom attribute on the same book account as a source.
  6. Click Add to add each column you want to include. This action pulls data into the selected columns in the Tax Account Rollforward ending balance as per book.
    Custom Attribute selected as a source.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Refresh Database Refresh Database.
  9. Optional: From the Home page, click Library, and then Book Data, to verify that the selected data has been added to the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement.
  10. From the Home page, click Regional Tax Provision, and then click TAR.
  11. From Actions, select Consolidate, and then Launch.