7 Viewing Key Information with Infolets

Infolets provide quick insights into data that guide your decisions and actions. Infolets present a visually engaging overview of high-level, aggregated information. They can help you quickly analyze data and understand key business questions such as:

  • Where is it most important to direct my attention?
  • What critical information has recently changed?
  • How many orders are in jeopardy, listed by status?

Getting an instant overview into key information enables you to react quickly to changing conditions.

Your administrator can design an infolet to display a chart, a data point in a form, or an entire form. The administrator may design an infolet to progressively display more detail when you flip or expand it. (Only administrators can design infolets.)

To draw your attention to important data, your administrator can set an infolet page that displays directly on your Home page. A sample infolet page:

Infolets Home Page

You can also access infolets by clicking the dots at the top of the Home page. See About the Infolet Dots. If the infolet content takes more space than can be displayed on a page, use the scroll bar on the right.


Using the Navigation Flow designer, your administrator can define up to seven infolet dots on the Home page. If your administrator can create connections to other EPM Cloud subscriptions, infolets can link to infolet pages in other EPM Cloud subscriptions.