1 Changes in Release 22.1 for Oracle APEX Administration Guide

All content in Oracle APEX Administration Guide has been updated to reflect release 22.1 functionality.

New Features and Updates

The following features are new in Oracle APEX:

  • Enable customers to get back into action faster with the new persistent authentication. Sign in once, stay signed in.

    See Controlling Persistent Authentication.

  • Support of Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl)

    Export workspaces, applications, and related files from a command line using Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) release 22.1 and later.

    See Exporting and Importing Using SQLcl.

  • Workflow Settings

    Use the Retention Period in Days attribute to specify the number of days human tasks created by Approvals are retained before being purged.

    See Configuring Workflow Settings.

  • Application Gallery Settings

    Configure the location used as the installation source for Application Gallery.

    See Configuring the Application Gallery.

  • Instance Administration Home Page Changes

    The following new popup LOVs display under Instance Tasks on the Administration Services home page: Jump to app and Jump to user.

    See Administration Services Home Page.

Deprecated and Desupported Features

See Deprecated Features and Desupported Features in Oracle APEX Release Notes.