This package enables you to use Oracle Locator and the Spatial Option within Oracle APEX.

In an APEX context, the logon user of the database session is typically APEX_PUBLIC_USER or ANONYMOUS. Spatial developers can not directly use DML on USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA within such a session in SQL Commands within SQL Workshop, for example. The Spatial view's trigger performs DML as the logon user, but it must run as the application owner or workspace user.

With the APEX_SPATIAL API, developers can use the procedures and functions below to insert, update, and delete rows of USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA as the current APEX user. The package also provides a few utilities that simplify the use of Spatial in APEX.

If the SDO_GEOMETRY data type is unavailable in the database, then SPATIAL_IS_AVAILABLE is the only function within this package, and it returns FALSE. All other functions are only available if SDO_GEOMETRY is available in the database, and SPATIAL_IS_AVAILABLE returns TRUE.