1 Changes in Release 22.1 for Oracle APEX API Reference

All content in Oracle APEX API Reference has been updated to reflect release 22.1 functionality.

New Features and Updates

The following topics have been added or updated for this release:


    • SET_REMOTE_SERVER Procedure (Updates) - New parameters p_default_database and p_mysql_sql_modes.

    • LOGIN (Update) - New parameter p_set_persistent_auth.
    • PERSISTENT_AUTH_ENABLED Function (New) - Returns whether persistent authentication is enabled at instance level.
    • REMOVE_CURRENT_PERSISTENT_AUTH Procedure (New) - Removes all Persistent Authentication entries for a user and ends all related sessions in the current workspace.
    • REMOVE_PERSISTENT_AUTH Procedure (New) - Removes all Persistent Authentication entries for a user and ends all related sessions in the current workspace.

    • ABORT Procedure (New) - Aborts a currently executing automation.
    • GET_SCHEDULER_JOB_NAME Function (New) - Returns the name which is used for the scheduler job when the automation executes.
    • IS_RUNNING Function (New) - Determines whether a given automation is currently running.
  • APEX_CSS (Updates)

    • ADD_3RD_PARTY_LIBRARY_FILE Procedure (Updates) - New attribute p_attributes.
    • ADD_FILE Procedure (Updates) - New attribute p_attributes.
  • APEX_DG_DATA_GEN (New) - API package for the new Data Generator feature in SQL Workshop.

  • APEX_EXEC (Updates)

    • Constants (Updates):
      • Database Vendor Constants (New)
      • Aggregation Type Constants (New)
      • Aggregation Column Role Constants (New)
      • Aggregation Function Constants (New)
      • Aggregation Columns (New)
      • Collection of Aggregation Columns (New)
      • Aggregation (New)
    • ENQUOTE_LITERAL Function (New) - Enquote a string literal and escape contained quotes.
    • ENQUOTE_NAME Function (New) - Enquote a database object name and escape contained quotes.
    • OPEN_QUERY_CONTEXT Function (Updates) - New parameter p_aggregation.
    • OPEN_QUERY_CONTEXT Procedure (Updates) - New parameter p_aggregation.
    • OPEN_REST_SOURCE_QUERY Function (Updates) - New parameter p_aggregation.
    • OPEN_WEB_SOURCE_QUERY Function (Deprecated) (Updates) - New parameter p_aggregation.

    • New parameter SAML_NAMEID_FORMAT.

    • ADD_3RD_PARTY_LIBRARY_FILE Procedure (Updates) - New attribute p_attributes.
    • ADD_LIBRARY Procedure (Updates) - New attributes: p_is_module, p_is_async, p_is_defer, and p_attributes.
  • APEX_JSON (Updates)

    • GET_VALUE_KIND Function (New) - Returns the kind of the value at a path position.
  • APEX_MARKDOWN (Updates)

    • TO_HTML Function (Updates) - Function now supports passing content as CLOB. Default behavior of parameter p_softbreak changed to <br />.
  • APEX_PLUGIN_UTIL (Updates)

    • GET_CURRENT_DATABASE_TYPE Function (New) - Retrieves the database type for the currently active region.
  • APEX_STRING (Updates)

    • New supported data type apex_t_clob.
    • JOIN_CLOBS Function (New) - Returns the values of the apex_t_clob input table p_table as a concatenated clob, separated by p_sep.
    • SPLIT_CLOBS Function (New) - Splits input clobs at the separator and returns a table of clobs.
    • PUSH Procedure Signtaure 5 (New) - Appends collection values to the apex_t_clob table.
    • PUSH Procedure Signtaure 6 (New) - Appends values of a PL/SQL table to the apex_t_varchar2 table.
  • APEX_WEB_SERVICE (Updates)

    • CLEAR_REQUEST_COOKIES Procedure (New) - Clears all cookies, so that the next MAKE_REST_REQUEST call executes without sending any cookies.
    • CLEAR_REQUEST_HEADERS Procedure (New) - clears the current request headers.

Deprecated and Desupported Features

    • GET_REPORT Function (Deprecated) - This function is deprecated as of this release and will be removed in a future release. Use APEX_REGION.OPEN_QUERY_CONTEXT Function instead.

See Deprecated Features and Desupported Features in Oracle APEX Release Notes .