19.6.7 Example: Creating Approval Tasks from Form Submission

Configure approval tasks to run after a user submits a job change request.

This example uses the Sample Approvals application, which can be installed from the Gallery. In this example, you set up the process that initiates job change approvals when the Request Job Change form is submitted.

To create approval tasks when the Request Job Change form is submitted:

  1. Open 7 - Request Job Change in Page Designer.
  2. Open the Processing tab.
  3. Right-click Processing and select Create Process.
  4. Under Identification:
    1. Name - Submit Task
    2. Type - Human Task - Create
  5. Under Settings:
    1. Definition - Job Change
    2. Details Primary Key Item - P7_EMPNO
  6. Under Execution Options:
    1. Sequence - 20
    2. Point - Processing
    3. Run Process - Once Per Page Visit (Default)
  7. Under Server-side Condition, When Button Pressed - SUBMIT_FOR_APPROVAL
  8. Set the Page Process Parameters.
    1. On the Processing tab, expand Parameters.
    2. Select New Job.
    3. Under Value, select Item.
    4. Set Item to P7_PROPOSED_JOB.
  9. Click Save.
APEX creates an approval task whenever users submit the Request Job Change form.