20.4.3 Understanding Preconfigured Authentication Schemes

Learn about the preconfigured authentication schemes.

When you create an authentication scheme from the gallery, you can select a preconfigured authentication scheme which follows a standard behavior for authentication and session management. To associate an authentication scheme with an application, you select the application and create a new authentication scheme. The new authentication scheme automatically becomes the Current authentication scheme for the selected application. This section describes all preconfigured authentication schemes that ship with Oracle APEX.


Authentication schemes support plug-ins. To learn more, see Implementing Plug-ins.

See Also:

Configuring Authentication Schemes for an Instance in Oracle APEX Administration Guide Open Door Credentials

Enable anyone to access your application using a built-in login page that captures a user name.

Open Door Credentials enables anyone to access your application using a login page that captures a user name. This authentication scheme is useful during application development. Setting Up Open Door Credentials

To set up Open Door Credentials:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
  2. Select an application.
  3. On the Application home page, click Shared Components.

    The Shared Components page appears.

  4. Under Security, select Authentication Schemes.
  5. On the Authentication Schemes page, click Create.
  6. Select Based on a pre-configured scheme from the gallery and click Next.
  7. Under Name:
    1. Name - Enter the name used to reference the authentication scheme by other application developers.
    2. Scheme Type - Select Open Door Credentials.
  8. Click Create Authentication Scheme.