26.5 ADD_WORKSPACE Procedure

The ADD_WORKSPACE procedure adds a workspace to an Oracle APEX Instance.


    p_workspace_id        IN NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,
    p_workspace           IN VARCHAR2,
    p_source_identifier   IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
    p_primary_schema      IN VARCHAR2,
    p_additional_schemas  IN VARCHAR2,
    p_rm_consumer_group   IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL );


Table 26-2 ADD_WORKSPACE Parameters

Parameter Description
p_workspace_id The ID to uniquely identify the workspace in an APEX instance. This may be left null and a new unique ID is assigned.
p_workspace The name of the workspace to be added.
p_source_identifier A short identifier for the workspace used when synchronizing feedback between different instances.
p_primary_schema The primary database schema to associate with the new workspace.
p_additional_schemas A colon delimited list of additional schemas to associate with this workspace.
p_rm_consumer_group Resource Manager consumer group which is used when executing applications of this workspace.


The following example demonstrates how to use the ADD_WORKSPACE procedure to add a new workspace named MY_WORKSPACE using the primary schema, SCOTT, along with additional schema mappings for HR and OE.

        p_workspace_id       => 8675309,
        p_workspace          => 'MY_WORKSPACE',
        p_primary_schema     => 'SCOTT',
        p_additional_schemas => 'HR:OE' );